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What score do I need to pass the written exam?

Overall 70% with a minimum of 60% on any one test method.

Are notes allowed during the performance exam?


Am I allowed to use my manual during the performance exam?

No, a laminated copy of the test method will be available for reference at each testing station.

Are the rules the same regarding failure of the performance exam as the written exam?

Anyone failing a test method on the performance exam may repeat that test method during the day of the performance exam. Repeat trials will be allowed in not more than 50% of the total test methods in that performance exam. Failure of any one of the prescribed test methods after two trials will constitute failure of the whole performance exam. Anyone failing the performance examination on the first attempt is required to retake the performance examination and pass it.

Is the written exam in English or Metric units?

Exam can be in either.

How do I register?

Obtain a registration form from the website by clicking on register for exam. Complete and forward to UNR with payment.

Where can I get a schedule?

On web site, click on EXAMS CALENDAR/RESULTS.

How will I know whether or not I have been registered for written exams or performance exams?

You will receive a confirmation notice with information about the location where the exams will be held either by fax or email.

Can I take all three written exams in one day?


What do I need to take with me on written test day?

Radiation Safety Certificate (if required), photo ID, calculator, pencil, eraser, etc.

How will I know what my qualification number is?

You will be issued a card which has your qualification(s) and qualification(s) number printed on it. It will also be posted on NAQTC's website.

If I become NAQTC qualified will I automatically become WAQTC qualified?

No, but some agencies in Nevada accept WAQTC in lieu of NAQTC, check with appropriate agency on any specific project.

What is the NAQTC and who will benefit from it?

The NAQTC is the Nevada Alliance for Quality Transportaion Construction program. The Alliance was formed through the Nevada Quality initiative. It was developed to insure that Nevada's construction field testers are qualified in the areas of sampling & density, aggregate, and asphalt. It also should help minimize field-testing discrepancies.

Who must be Qualified?

Technicians responsible for sampling of materials, performing and reporting on tests in any of the technical areas in which Qualification is offered: sampling & density, aggregates, and asphalt.

If I fail the exam what happens?

You can re-take it.

What if I fail the exam the 3rd time?

The process is the same as if you failed it the original first time.

How is that I can pass the written exam (overall score of 70% or higher) and still fail?

You must get at least 60% on any individual test method to pass the written exam.



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